It’s “Instant” Gratification for Upper Marlboro Woman

Judith Douglas - Instant Cashout

It’s “Instant” Gratification with $250,000 Instant Cashout Scratch-off win.

Wins $250,000 Top Prize on Instant Cashout Scratch-off

Judith Douglas and her husband of 43 years, Jerome, stopped at a local liquor store to enjoy some Lottery play. Judith purchased five instant tickets and scratched them there at the retailer with no success. “We were getting ready to leave and she decided to buy another,” said Jerome.  Although originally intending to wait until she got home to play the ticket, Judith decided to scratch it there in the store. To her surprise, she left $250,000 richer.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Judith. “I had to do a double-take.” When asked about his reaction to the big win, Jerome replied, “Yeah, I was shocked.”  Judith chimed in, “His hands were shaking!” Even without his glasses, Jerome said that it was clear to him that she had a winner. Judith quickly called their son Reggie to share the great news.

The retired Verizon employee said she wants to buy a car, share with her son and two grandchildren, as well as pay some bills. Her lucky ticket was purchased at 7 Summers Liquors at 18811 Central Ave. in Upper Marlboro.