It’s No Powerball Jackpot, But It’s Still A Lot of Money for Towson Player

With part of the proceeds of his recent $50,000 Powerball win, “World Traveler,” of Towson, said he will be making an excursion to someplace warm and with a beach.

$50,000 prize from Sept. 4 drawing claimed as other five- and six-digit wins mount

It’s been nearly four months since the last time anyone hit the Powerball jackpot – that was a Florida player who hit June 5 – but a Towson man joined the growing list of Marylanders who have won prizes of $50,000 or more as players chase the next jackpot prize.

Going by the name of “World Traveler” to tell the story of his $50,000 win, the Baltimore County resident purchased his ticket on Sept. 3 for the drawing on the following night, and then claimed his prize Sept. 28 at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

But he hasn’t given up on winning the jackpot prize, which had grown to $620 million as of Sept. 30. “World Traveler” said he plans to use his $50,000 prize to pay off some bills, take an exotic vacation and treat his mom to some gifts.

Asked whether he is continuing to buy tickets in pursuit of a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot, the 33-year-old replied with a robust, “I already got ’em.” He bought his lucky $50,000 ticket at Towson Park Exxon, 825 York Road, in Towson.

For “World Traveler,” playing the big jackpot games is fun because “it’s a chance to win big.” And while $50,000 is his largest prize to date, he’s still after the one that would allow him to expand his world travel agenda. He enjoys taking trips to a range of locations, though places that are warm with beaches figure prominently. Most recently, he was in Costa Rica, and he said a beach-focused trip will emerge from his Powerball win. But his dream destination after a jackpot win is the Maldives, an island chain nation about 700 miles off the southern tip of India whose slogan is “… the sunny side of life.”

While a jackpot win would make international travel to remote island locations possible on a regular basis, the second-tier Powerball prize of $1 million (multiplied by 2 or more with the Powerplay option) would certainly make the occasional exotic trip possible. Likewise, the new Double Play option opens the possibility of lading a $10 million prize by spending an extra $1 on a ticket. A player who bought a Powerball Double Play ticket in Rockville for the Sept. 27 drawing became the first-ever winner of Double Play’s $10 million top prize, which remained unclaimed as of Sept. 30.

Since the last Powerball jackpot was hit on June 5, there have been 26 Powerball tickets sold in Maryland worth $50,000 or more, including a $2 million win in Germantown, a pair of $1 million wins in Upper Marlboro and Finksburg, two wins of $150,000, five prizes of $100,000, and 15 at the $50,000 level, including “World Traveler.”

Now is a good time to check your Powerball tickets, because 14 of those 26 prizes of $50,000 or more remained unclaimed as of Sept. 30.