Jackpot à la Mode: Easton Man Credits $50,000 Win to Chocolate Pie Buy

Richard Murray - Bonus Match 5_web

Richard and Kim Murray of Easton thank their timely chocolate pie purchase for a $50,000 Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 win.

Giant Food sells winning ticket for Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game

Lottery luck found Richard Murray at the Giant grocery store in Easton this weekend just as the dutiful husband bought chocolate pie for his wife. Answering the Saturday night craving paid big dividends for the auto parts delivery man! After purchasing the pie, Richard bought a $6 Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 ticket that won the game’s top prize of $50,000 that night.

The happy husband checked his ticket on Sunday, reviewing results on the Lottery website. After double- and triple-checking the numbers, the 62-year-old and his wife realized they were big winners. “I was just shocked and Kim was screaming,” Richard said.

His shock wore off while discussing the win at Lottery headquarters. In fact, Richard was so thrilled he broke into song several times. The lucky winner explained singing is something that brings joy to him and he often shares that joy as he croons classic ballads at an Easton nursing home. “It really takes the patients back and puts a smile on their face,” said the Easton resident.

He plans to bank his windfall because he has no debts and no reasons to splurge. Besides, he is saving for his retirement. “I’ve got the house, the car and the girl. What more do I need,” Richard said.

He shared news of the big win with family and a next-door neighbor. “I promised to take them out for dinner because they’ve always taken care of our Yorkie when she escapes through the fence,” our winner said.

For selling the winning ticket, Giant #323 at 8223 Elliott Road in Easton will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.