Jackpot Chaser Plays Special Numbers and Wins Big

North East man wins $40,000 Mega Millions third-tier prize

A 54-year-old Cecil County man is thanking his special numbers for a $40,000 Mega Millions win from the May 4 drawing.

“I play the same numbers, special birthdays and anniversaries, for two weeks at a time” the winner told Lottery Officials.

That’s what the big winner did on May 1. He played his ticket for two weeks at the Lobby Shop at 1 North Charles Street in Baltimore, and went on with his regular routine. He checked his ticket every morning, and on May 5, he was in for a big shock.

“When I saw all of those matching numbers I yelled so loudly,” laughed the winner. “My wife thought I was having a heart attack.”

The excited winner then showed her the ticket and explained how they missed millions by only one number. To win the third-tier prize, players must match four white balls and the Mega Ball, for a $10,000 win. But, this lucky winner added the Megaplier feature when purchasing his ticket. Since there was a four times multiplier, his win increased to $40,000.

The community property manager has grown children and small grandchildren. He and his wife plan on keeping the win to themselves. He will use his winnings to refinish his deck, pay a few bills and purchase an 85” television for his wife.