Jackpot Hunter Loses, Then Finds $10,000 Winning Ticket

A stay-at-home mom from Lusby made the long drive to Baltimore on Thursday to cash in a Mega Millions ticket that had definitely seen better days. Ripped and mangled by a trip through a washing machine, the $10,002 winning ticket was still legible.

The third-tier winner was one of several tickets she purchased last month when the game’s jackpot was climbing its way to $1 billion and beyond.

“I bought tickets from several different stores at home and in a few other places in the area,” the said the 24-year-old wife and mother. “When we visited my dad up in Prince George’s County, I decided to get one more.”

Several days after the Oct. 12 drawing, she checked her accumulated tickets and realized that she was one short. “I couldn’t find that last ticket. I had no idea where it was.”

Earlier this week, the Calvert County woman was moving a stack of clothes when the runaway Mega Millions quick-pick ticket made its appearance.

“I realized that it had gone in the wash by accident. It was folded up with clothes we hadn’t worn since then.” That surprise was followed by another one, which was a bit bigger. “I checked the numbers on the Lottery app and was blown away. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Her husband and father had similar reactions to the $10,002 win.

Paying bills, buying gifts for their son’s upcoming birthday and Christmas purchases will take most of the couple’s Mega Millions prize. The happy winner bought the lucky ticket at Lee has located at 2903 Hamilton Street in Hyattsville.