Jessup Woman Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Quick Pick Selects Winning Numbers

Mega MillionsA 40-year-old Jessup woman started her week on a high note with a second-tier Mega Millions win. “I was on pins and needles all weekend, until I could come in to claim my prize,” said the mother-of-two.

The fortunate woman went to her regular Lottery place where she purchased two $5 Mega Millions tickets and one $10 Multi-Match ticket.  The following morning she checked one of her Mega Millions tickets online forgetting that she purchased three tickets total.  That ticket didn’t produce a win. It wasn’t until the following morning that she remembered she had two other tickets that she hadn’t checked.

Half asleep, she pulled the tickets out of the bottom of her purse.  First, she checked the Multi-Match ticket, with no luck. As she looked at her last Mega Millions ticket, she noticed that a lot of her numbers matched the winning numbers online.  “I was stunned, I said ‘no way.’”

She ran to tell her husband, who was outside shoveling snow, the great news.  “I have work to do, leave me alone,” her husband responded as he continued his work. With her winnings, the recycling facility manager plans to buy a 2010 Chevy Camaro for herself and a new pick-up truck for her husband.

The winning ticket was purchased at Latela’s Liquors, located at 2733-B Annapolis Rd in Anne Arundel County.