Jolly Jackpot Game Gives Retired Nurse A Helping Hand

Baltimore woman wins $10,000 playing holiday scratch-off

A retired nurse bumped into Lottery luck last week while she walked along a Baltimore street and won $10,000 on the Jolly Jackpot holiday scratch-off.

Although she plays infrequently, the happy winner reports staying up-to-date on games the Lottery offers. That familiarity helped bring about her top-prize win in the $2 game.

The widowed mother, grandmother and great-grandmother was on an errand for her daughter when Lottery luck appeared. “I got off the bus a few blocks from the store where I was heading so I could walk – I’m a big walker,” she said. As the 79-year-old approached 7-Eleven #21051 at 620 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore, a thought popped into her mind.

“All of a sudden, I decided to get a ticket, so I walked in,” she said. The city resident selected the Jolly Jackpot game, which she had not seen before. Jolly Jackpot is one of five holiday instant games released late in October. “When I do play, I always try the newest games.”

Our winner then continued on her errand, playing the game as she went.

“I scratched it as I was walking, but stopped cold when I saw the three Santas,” the Baltimore woman reported.  Knowing that three symbols meant that she’d won, she studied the ticket to determine what prize was coming her way. “I was shocked when I saw it was $10,000. I thought, ‘Could this be true?’ ”

She planned to go straight to the bank from Lottery headquarters to deposit her check. “This will go straight into my savings,” she said. The lucky player found the first of four $10,000 top prizes in the game, which has thousands of other available prizes ranging from $2 to $5,000. Players can also enter non-winning holiday scratch-offs into the Warehouse Dash second-chance contest. Get details here.