‘Josey’s Mom’ Sees Bonus Match 5 Numbers Finally Hit it Big

Winning big playing Bonus Match 5 is a dream come true for “Josey’s Mom” of Abingdon.

Abington resident is California bound after winning $50,000 top prize

An Abingdon woman who played the same 10 Bonus Match 5 numbers plus one quick-pick set of numbers every week for more than 15 years finally got to say the wonderful words that stopped her husband in mid-sentence.

The 55-year-old picked up her lucky ticket at 3rd Base Liquors in Bel Air, buying seven drawings for the week starting June 21. That first night, her lucky numbers hit it big.

“The next morning, I’m on the computer looking at my numbers and talking to him,” said the loyal player, “and he’s talking and I said, ‘I just won $50,000.’”

Her husband recalls the conversation as clear as day. “I said, ‘That’s nice, honey,’ and stopped,” explained her husband. “Then I said, ‘What did you just say? Holy cow!’”

“Josey’s Mom,” as the happy winner dubbed herself, has won numerous times over the years. Her prizes ranged from $400 multiple times to $600 and $1,200. She also plays Mega Millions and Powerball with less success. “It’s the Bonus Match 5 game for me!” she said with a smile.

The happy winner and her husband plan to keep their good fortune a secret. They’ll pay bills with the prize and enjoy a vacation to California with some of the winnings, too. The registered nurse plans to keep playing Bonus Match 5.

Her lucky retailer, 3rd Base Liquors located at 2029 S. Fountain Green Road in Bel Air, is also a winner. For selling the top-prize-winning ticket in the game, the Harford County business will earn a $500 bonus from the Lottery.