Journeyman Electrician Breathless after Big Scratch-off Win

Claims $50,000 prize on Win Big game

A Delaware man and avid Maryland Lottery scratch-off enthusiast visits the Wawa in Elkton daily to buy a cup of coffee. While there, he often purchases a $20 or $30 instant ticket to play in hopes of winning big, which he just did with a Win Big scratch-off!

The Newark resident took a chance that lucky morning and bought two of the $20 games at the Cecil County business, which is located at 1657 Elkton Road. His $50,000 win shocked the 59-year-old.

“It took my breath away. I looked at the ticket for about 10 minutes,” the lucky winner said after scratching off the instant ticket. His luck didn’t even stop there. The loyal player bought another scratch-off while headed to Lottery headquarters to claim his $50,000 prize and his newly purchased game delivered a $500 win.

The winner has only shared news of his Lottery luck with his wife. An electrical mechanic for over 30 years, the player plans to use his prize for home improvement projects such as a swimming pool he promised to install for his wife.

There are plenty of prizes remaining in the Win Big game, including three $1 million top prizes, seven more $50,000 prizes and 26 unclaimed $10,000 prizes. The game went on sale around the state in 2017.