July 4 Ends with a Bang for Maryland’s Newest Millionaire

$1.2 Million Multi-Match Landover

Lucky Landover Hills Lady Wins $1.2 Million Multi-Match Jackpot

Flashy fireworks, a community parade and picnic are not what a lucky Landover Hills lady will forever remember about July 4, 2013. This hard-working single mother-of-two decided to buy a Multi-Match ticket on July 4 to celebrate the nation’s birthday and received a life-changing gift of her own – $1.2 million!

“What a blessing,” said the 60-something woman, who has played the Maryland Lottery for about 30 years without a major win. Maryland’s newest millionaire switches back and forth from the Bonus Match 5 to Multi-Match games, playing about once a week. On July 4, the North Carolina native visited her favorite Lottery retailer, the Landover Hills Exxon, to make her purchase. Little did she know that fate had selected the lucky retailer to sell its fourth big winning ticket in recent years and she arrived at the counter just in time to buy that ticket.

“This was my time to win,” she said.

The grandmother of two got up this morning and turned on the TV to check her Multi-Match numbers. She got the surprise of her life.

“I saw I matched one number, then another number, then another number, and they were all lining up!” said the longtime Prince George’s County Public Schools employee.

When she matched all six numbers, she called out for her adult son.

Will she return to work for the public schools in the fall? Of course, said the woman, who enjoys her job too much to leave it. The lucky lady hasn’t had time to think how she will spend her winnings. “I will pay my bills off for sure, that is my first priority,” she said.

The Landover Hills Exxon is located at 6579 Annapolis Road in Landover. In 2011, the store sold three big scratch-off prizes within nine months – a $50,000 Cash Craze Crossword top prize, a $40,000 Prize Line Bingo top prize and a cruise vacation on the Cruise for Cash ticket. For selling the winning Multi-Match ticket, the store will receive a $1,200 commission.