Keeping Keno Numbers All in the Family Leads to Major Win

Frederick County Pair Hits for $18,000

An engaged Brunswick couple certainly selected the winning combination of family members’ birthdays to play for three rounds of the Maryland Lottery’s popular Keno game. Their decision to keep the numbers all in the family led to an $18,000 prize!

“We’d bought the ticket earlier on the way home from work,” said the 32-year-old female office manager. At their lucky Lottery stop, Jerry’s Liquors at 30 Petersville Road in Brunswick, they selected three draws on a six-spot game using the Super Bonus option. That option gives players the chance to multiply Keno winnings by up to 20 times and guarantees, at a minimum, double the payout on winning games.

“A couple of my fiancée’s buddies were hanging out with us when he decided to check the results on his phone,” she said. “That’s when our laid-back evening got very exciting.”

The duo recognized the six winning numbers immediately because they had played a combination of family birthdays. The Frederick County pair, who are longtime players of the fast-paced game, were astounded by their size of their win. In fact, the celebration was so intense the fiancée became momentarily concerned about her partner’s health.

“We were all so excited and there was lots of yelling and jumping,” she said. “But he got to breathing so fast that I thought he was going to have a heart attack!”

Buying a truck to replace the family vehicle is high on their prize-spending agenda, they said, followed closely by plans to give their three children a happy holiday. “We’ll keep this quiet from them,” the woman said. “I can’t wait to see their faces.”