Keno Delivers Huge Holiday Gift to Waldorf Man

Lucky Player Wins $30,000 on Maryland Lottery Game

Watching the Redskins game last Sunday at his favorite bar while playing Keno, a Waldorf man had no idea that a win was on its way. As halftime approached, the 64-year-old Maryland Lottery player could not believe his eyes. Every number on the eight-spot Keno ticket in his hand popped up, one by one, on the screen.

“It was like a crazy dream,” said avid Keno player Charles Phillips. “But, I knew right away that it was a $30,000 win.”

Without hesitation, he put his ticket in his pocket, left his half-full beverage on the counter and walked out the door, leaving his friends to wonder why.

Charles was anxious to see his wife and to share this good news with her. “He told me to sit down and then said you are getting a new car, because I just won $30,000 playing Keno,” she said. “I didn’t even know you could win that much playing Keno.”

You can! In fact, since July, several players have won $75,000 each and one Keno player claimed a $60,000 win in November.

In addition to the new car for his wife, the father of three grown children and five grandchildren said he will probably spend some winnings on holiday gifts. “My children are all wondering what their cut is,” he said, laughing. The winner also hinted that he might return to the Lottery’s Customer Resource Center early next year with another big Keno win from that same game that day.

The winning ticket was purchased at Mac’s Sunny Brook Bar located at 9001 Livingston Road in Fort Washington.