Keno Delivers Second Five-Digit Win to Glen Burnie Retiree

Anne Arundel County resident wins $10,000 on seven-spot ticket

A dedicated Keno player from Glen Burnie who likes to stick with her lucky numbers took home a $10,000 prize on a seven-spot ticket that carried a super bonus.

The retired business analyst said she plays a few Keno tickets two or three times a week, using a set of favorite numbers that includes family members’ birth dates. After buying her ticket with the Super Bonus feature at Shahverdi’s Liquor Store in Glen Burnie, the 69-year-old did a bit more shopping and then returned to check on the games she had played. The Super Bonus feature gives players the chance to multiply winnings by up to 20 times the original amount.

“I couldn’t believe that I’d hit seven of seven,” she said. “I asked the guy at the store how much that paid, and he said it was $2,500. Then I asked if there was a bonus, and he said it was a 4x bonus, and I said, ‘How much is that?’ I knew, but, you know, I just had to hear it.”

A few moments later, after the reality of her big win set in, the lucky lady took action.

“I said, ‘Give me a pen,’ ” and she signed the back of her ticket. Lottery officials advise all winners to sign the back of their ticket immediately. A week later, accompanied by her sister, she claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

While it was a surprise to hit all of the numbers on her seven-spot ticket, she reported that this is not the largest prize she’s ever won. Last year, she claimed a $12,000 Keno prize. The Anne Arundel County resident said she planned to use some of her windfall on a previously planned trip to Las Vegas. The rest will go into savings.

The retailer is a winner as well. Shahverdi’s Liquor Store located at 6719 Chesapeake Center Drive in Glen Burnie will receive a $100 bonus from the Maryland Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize – for selling a winning Keno ticket valued at $10,000 or more.