Keno Doubler Promotion Delivers $50,010 Lottery Prize

D.C. resident wins big at popular Prince George’s County retailer

A Washington, D.C., resident who had been wishing for some extra spending money got exactly what she was looking for, thanks to a lucky Keno ticket that delivered a $50,010 prize on May 29.

The 42-year-old and her dad were enjoying a bite to eat at Marlow Wings, a popular Lottery hangout in Prince George’s County. When they both realized that they had some time to kill, they picked up a few Keno play slips and began to pencil in their numbers. The lucky winner and her dad based their number selections on the birthdates of family members.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the lucky winner said. “I was praying for some things to happen and they finally did.”

She didn’t realize right away that she had matched all of the numbers on her 9-Spot ticket. In fact, she only spotted six matches at first glance and then seven. Finally, she saw that she had matched all nine, giving her a $25,000 win. But it was her lucky day, indeed. Her ticket had a randomly printed Keno Doubler message, which increased her prize to $50,000. Her ticket was for five draws, and one of those other draws delivered the additional $10.

The Keno Doubler and Keno Tripler promotion continues through June 26. Doubler or Tripler messages are printed on random tickets, allowing players to double or triple any winnings on the ticket.

The self-employed business owner said she and her family take vacations regularly, thus she doesn’t feel the need to make special plans as a result of her win. She does intend to donate 10 percent to her church and also wants to restore an antique automobile that she owns.

The retailer is a winner as well. Marlow Wings, located at 4147 Branch Avenue in Marlow Heights, will receive a $500 bonus for selling a $50,000-winning Keno ticket.