Keno Friends Share $20,022 Prize

Last-minute decision to play leads to big win

After returning from vacation, a Rosedale woman and her husband decided to grab dinner at Tempo Lounge in Essex. She decided to play a few games of Keno, using birthdays and a couple of other special numbers. As she was filling out the playslip, a friend who was sitting nearby said he would like pitch in and play along with her.

The pair, who played $2 per game, went with a 6-spot bet for multiple games. They also added the Keno Bonus option. During the sixth game, they watched the monitor in disbelief as all six of their numbers appeared. Without the extra money per game and with no Keno Bonus, the game would have paid $1,000. But, since they played $2 per game and the Keno Bonus was 10x, the total payout for that game was $20,000. They also won $22 throughout the other nine games on their ticket.

The 54-year-old woman and her friend from Essex were thrilled with the win, and didn’t hide their excitement at the restaurant.

“I called my wife right away and she didn’t believe me,” said the 52-year-old friend who joined in the Keno game at just the right time. “She finally believed me when I got home.”

Both winners are using their prize money wisely. One is paying bills, while the other is saving for a new house.

For selling a winning ticket of $10,000 and up, Tempo Lounge at 402 Back River Neck Rd. in Essex will receive a $200 bonus.