‘Keno King’ Looking for Castle after $40,000 Super Bonus Score

With the proceeds from a $40,000 Maryland Lottery win, the “Keno King” of Takoma Park plans to buy a house.

Takoma Park player plans to continue playing

For the “Keno King” of Takoma Park, winning a $40,000 prize on his namesake game means he and his wife can start planning to buy a house.

He’s a regular player who enjoys playing 10-spot Keno wagers. On Dec. 13, the Montgomery County resident played five draws with the Super Bonus option for a total cost of $15. He hit nine of 10 numbers for what would have been a $4,000 win, but the Super Bonus option came up with a 10x multiplier and turned his win into a $40,000 score.

In addition to starting the house-buying process, “Keno King” and his Queen are also expecting to celebrate once they have cash in hand. And, he’ll continue playing Keno regularly. After all, this may be his first princely win, but he has hit for amounts up to $1,000 in the past.

Sharing in the “Keno King’s” good fortune is Long Branch Beer & Wine at 649 University Boulevard in Silver Spring, where he bought the hot ticket. For selling a winning Keno ticket worth $10,000 or more, the business picks up a Lottery bonus of $400, equal to 1 percent of the total prize.