Keno Player Scores $15,000 Sprinkler Doubler win

Keno fan from Laurel, who was feeling down after a day of medical treatment, decided playing $2 on one round of the game would provide a brief, but welcome diversion. A 7-spot bet played with the Bonus multiplier resulted in a much better than expected outcome: a $15,000 winning ticket.

When the 62-year-old player made the purchase at Laurel Liquors, the ticket printed out with a congratulations message that said the Lottery would double any prize won under a Keno Sprinkler promotion running through Sept. 9. The run of luck continued and the lucky player’s numbers hit for the big score.

“When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it,” said the Prince George’s County resident, adding that the winnings will be a help as she continues her medical treatments. “It was just a matter of luck!”

Also sharing in the luck is her lucky Lottery retailer. Laurel Liquors at 420 Sandy Spring Road in Laurel earns a bonus of $150, equal to 1 percent of the Keno prize. The Lottery awards the bonus to retailers selling winning Keno tickets of $10,000 or more.