Keno-Playing Car Salesman Drives Away As Lottery Winner

$20,012 Keno James Moskos_webCar salesman James Moskos of Towson enjoyed a king-size Keno win of $20,012

Towson diner wins $20,012 as fellow patrons cheer him on

Car salesman James Moskos of Towson parlayed a lingering lucky feeling into a king-size Keno win at a restaurant where he was dining with friends. The happy man drove home as a  $20,012 winner after an edge-of-your-seat game that drew a crowd.

Out for dinner at The Greene Turtle in Towson, James recalls being in the perfect mood for a relaxing evening with good friends. The occasional Keno player decided to try his luck at a few games as his group sat down at the bar to enjoy their meal. He usually wouldn’t play Keno in that setting, James told Maryland Lottery officials. However, he had experienced a “very good feeling” all day and believed that something good would soon come his way.

“I picked my own numbers on the winning game – all 9’s for some reason,” he said. “I don’t know why.”

He played the numbers 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 and 79 for 10 games. The 54-year-old husband and father of four watched the game from the bar with his friends and immediately saw four numbers ending with a 9 pop up. “I said to my friends, ‘This could be good,’ and then a fifth and sixth 9 appeared.”

With everyone around them tuned in to what was happening, the volume rose as each of the 20 Keno numbers appeared on the monitor. “I needed one more 9 number to win $20,000, but was sure it wasn’t going to happen,” James admitted. He’d played the Keno Super Bonus, a prize-multiplying feature that would double his possible top prize in that game. It all came down to the last Keno ball. “When that 59 came out we were all screaming – my friends, the bartender, the other customers. It was crazy, I just couldn’t believe it.”

James predicts that his kids will be the beneficiaries of his Keno prize. “There’s something we need to do for each of them, some help they need,” he said. His “good feeling” transformed itself into Lottery luck for The Greene Turtle, too. The Lottery retailer located at 408 York Road in Towson will receive a $200.12 bonus for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 and up.