Keno Prize Helps Mother of Four Plan Merrier Holiday

Vanessa Troyer-Etienne and her husband are planning to celebrate the holidays in style after winning $30,000 playing Keno.

Wins $30,000 with 5-spot bet and 20x Super Bonus  

A typical Monday night found a Silver Spring Keno lover with her husband at her favorite spot, playing her favorite Maryland Lottery game. There was nothing typical, however, about her $30,000 win!

Vanessa Troyer-Etienne and her husband experienced their Lottery luck while at Sunrise Market & Deli in Beltsville. The evening began routinely for the parents of four.

“We have numbers that we like to play,” she said. “We also do triples and quads a lot.”

The couple had played Keno for an hour and were about to leave when Vanessa said to herself, “maybe just one more game.”

The 36-year-old placed a 5-spot bet and, of course, paid extra for the Super Bonus multipler feature. She played some of her favorite numbers – 7, 13, 20, 36 and 72. As the couple sat watching the screen, they spotted those familiar numbers!

When I saw the Super Bonus was 20, I thought maybe we had something,” said Vanessa’s husband. “I recognized four numbers right away, but all five were there.”

They immediately scanned the ticket using the Lottery’s mobile app. What message did they see? “Congratulations! You are a $30,000 winner.”

“I thought it said $3,000,” Vanessa said. “It’s funny, because on the way to store, we were talking about winning and I said, ‘Maybe we’ll win $10,000.’ ” Lottery luck delivered three times that amount!

The couple, who co-own a bar in Montgomery County, went home after that winning game. Vanessa recalls feeling nervous about the winning ticket’s safety so she kept it in her wallet. The lucky lady kept checking it until claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The couple plans to put the winnings toward their business and holiday gifts. “It’s going to be a good Christmas,” said Vanessa, smiling.

Also having a good holiday season is the lucky Lottery retailer. Sunrise Market & Deli located at 10800 Rhode Island Avenue in Beltsville earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the $30,000 prize.