Keno Prize of $12,002 Interrupts Parkville Player’s Social Outing

Lottery luck interrupted “Capt. Keno’s” social gathering at Valley View Inn in Parkville, giving him a $12,002 prize.

Wife of winner proclaims: ‘I could spend it in a heartbeat.’

Playing Keno is mainly a social activity for “Capt. Keno,” so winning $12,002 on the morning of Nov. 18 was a spectacular bonus.

“Capt. Keno” of Parkville told Maryland Lottery officials he joins a small group of friends several times a week to play Keno and socialize at the nearby Valley View Inn. He plays a set of 10 numbers regularly. On the day he enjoyed his big win, the Baltimore County resident bought a 10-spot quick-pick ticket for five drawings. The group enjoys adult beverages and socializes as Keno numbers pop up on the monitor.

He took his big win in stride. “Capt. Keno” has picked up a few much smaller Keno prizes in the past, the largest of which was $1,200. “Capt. Keno” and his wife claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore Monday. The 71-year-old said he hasn’t given any thought to how he will spend his prize. His wife observed, “I could spend it in a heartbeat!”

The pair subsequently concluded the windfall will go toward a previously planned house upgrade. To celebrate the win, the pair planned to stop on the way home and get a crab-cake meal.

Sharing in “Capt. Keno’s” luck is Valley View Inn in Parkville. The Lottery retailer located at 8712 Satyr Hill Road receives a bonus of $120.02, equal to 1 percent of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket worth $10,000 or more.

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