Keno Veteran Starts New Year with a Win

A long-time Keno player rang in the New Year by collecting one of his biggest wins to date — a $10,000 prize!

The 75-year-old man has played Keno regularly for about seven years. He has experienced other lucky moments by playing special numbers like birthdays and important personal dates but this time, he said, he won playing a quick-pick ticket.

His Lottery luck appeared on Dec. 29 at Dash In #10631 in Upper Marlboro. The Cheltenham resident placed a 7-spot bet on a single drawing and added the Super Bonus multiplier to his wager. To his surprise, the lucky man received a 2x Doubler on his ticket, too, as part of the Maryland Lottery’s Keno Sprinkler promotion that ran through Dec. 31. The promotion doubled or tripled prizes on winning tickets.

All seven numbers hit, giving him a total prize of $10,000 with the Super Bonus multiplier and Doubler features applied. The happy Prince George’s County winner gave Lottery officials no clue as to how he’ll spend his top-secret fortune.

By contrast, his Lottery retailer will be happy to announce a big win to attract Keno players seeking lucky stores. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000, Dash In #10613 at 9220 Crain Highway earns a $100 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.