Keno Winning Streak Culminates with $40,000 Prize

Scott Levine - Keno

Scott Levine shows off his latest and greatest Keno win.

Nashville native Scott Levine has gotten very familiar with Lottery Headquarters. It was only 12 days ago that the 23-year-old visited the agency’s claim center to cash in a $20,000 Keno prize. This time around, that figure was doubled as Scott arrived with his uncle and friend by his side to claim his latest and greatest prize – a $40,000 Keno win. Astoundingly, these were not the only wins that Scott had recently. In the last few weeks, he also racked up $2,000 and $1,500 in Keno prizes. “I like Maryland,” said Scott enthusiastically.

Scott, who is an out-of-state-contractor working in kiosk promotions, travels frequently from Nashville to Maryland and enjoys the Maryland Lottery’s Keno and scratch-off games. Yesterday, he stopped by the Sunoco, where he frequently goes, and decided to play a couple games of Keno. He played his typical numbers, chosen for birth dates of family members, and watched in awe as his numbers just kept coming up. “It was surreal,” said Scott.

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When all was said and done, those numbers resulted in a $40,000 windfall and congratulations throughout the store. “I jumped up and yelled,” said Scott. “I high-fived my uncle who was with me.”

“We’re friends with the owner of the store,” said Scott’s uncle. “We high-fived him and his son too.”

After the celebration, Scott called his family and girlfriend and then headed to Lottery Headquarters. “We knew the drill,” said Scott with a chuckle, referring to his previous visit.

Scott is still unsure of what he will do with his prize money. “I’m not even thinking about it yet,” he said. “Probably when I receive the check, I’ll start thinking it over.”  Scott experienced his Keno win at Sunoco Food Mart, located at 1000 Dual Hwy. in Hagerstown.