Important Information for Keno/Racetrax Mobile App Users

The Maryland Lottery recently updated its Keno/Racetrax mobile app. In order to continue receiving real-time Keno/Racetrax results, you’ll want to make sure you have the updated version of the Keno/Racetrax app. Please follow these steps below to find out:


  1. Check Your Keno/Racetrax App Icon
    1. If you have the new icon , your app has automatically updated, and you have no other steps to take.
    2. If you have the old icon , your app needs to be updated. Please continue to step 2.
  2. Update your Keno/Racetrax App
    1. If you are an Android user, visit the Google Play store, find the app, click “update” and you are done.
    2. If you are an Apple user, visit the Apple Store and either find the app by searching or viewing app updates in the lower right of the app store. Once you find the app, click “update” and you are done.

If your app has successfully updated, you will see the new icon .


After October 31, 2019, the current app will no longer display results.

Users will only have access to the results if they update their app . If you updated the Keno/Racetrax app after October 10, 2019, or if your phone is set to automatically update apps, you already have the newest version and don’t need to follow the steps above.

Please note the Keno/Racetrax app is a separate app from the other two Maryland Lottery apps: Maryland Lottery app and Maryland Lottery My Lottery Rewards app.

The Maryland Lottery App