Kent Island Mom Wins $50,000 The Price is Right® Scratch-off Prize

A $50,000 win on The Price is Right® game will help “Mary” of Chester pay off debts and enjoy a vacation.

Hides lucky instant ticket in her pocket all day at work

“Mary” of Chester walked into a local gas station on her way to work, scratched off a couple of The Price is Right® instant tickets and continued on her way $50,000 richer!

The 31-year-old employee at a popular grocery chain bought two of the $10 scratch-offs at Dominion Exxon located at 100 Dominion Road in Chester minutes before her shift was set to begin. The married mother of two was so eager to play the games that she scratched them right there in the store.

“I don’t usually play the Lottery,” said “Mary,” as she sat in the Winner’s Circle at Maryland Lottery headquarters with her husband. “This is the first time I purchased these scratch-offs but I had a good feeling about them. I didn’t even know I won until the cashier checked the ticket!”

With her lucky scratch-off tucked into a pocket, “Mary” went on to work as if nothing unusual had happened. She kept checking her pocket all day to make sure her winning scratch-off hadn’t slipped out! As soon as the Queen Anne’s County resident got off work, she went straight home to tell her husband about her lucky day.

“He was extremely happy about my big win,” “Mary” said. “Then, we found the perfect hiding place for the ticket — our Bible.”

“Mary” and her husband have big plans for the winnings. After they pay off their car loan and credit cards, they plan to use the rest of the money to visit New York City.

“Those are just a few things we want to do right now,” “Mary” said, while looking at her husband. “One of our biggest, long-term goals is to buy a house, so I guess I will have to keep playing the Lottery!”

The Price is Right® scratch-off game launched on April 22, 2019. There are still eight remaining $100,000 top prizes, a dozen $50,000 prizes and 28 $10,000 prizes awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers across the state.