Kitchen Magic – Cook Serves Up Meal with $20,000 Surprise

Pasadena man wins top prize on Lucky Bingo scratch-off

A Pasadena man’s fiancée is amazing in the kitchen. She can throw together a mouth-watering meal in just a few minutes, but what she whipped up in the kitchen this week had the printer technician stunned. The lucky woman presented him with a $20,000 top-prize win on a Lucky Bingo scratch-off he purchased earlier that day.

The $2 instant ticket and our winner crossed paths earlier this week when the 53-year-old was purchasing games from a Maryland Lottery vending machine. The Anne Arundel County resident had change left in the machine after making his purchases, so his fiancée picked out an extra scratch-off. After settling on the  Lucky Bingo instant ticket, they gathered their purchases and headed home from Geresbeck’s Food Market in Pasadena. They forgot about the scratch-offs until later that night.

The winner quickly scratched his instant tickets and revealed several non-winners. Meanwhile, his fiancée was preparing dinner. She decided to fish out her extended-play Lucky Bingo scratch-off and work on it while she cooked. The fiancée revealed the caller’s numbers and then matched them to the bingo boards on her instant ticket. Soon after, she let out a piercing yelp.

“I thought she had cut her hand. I just heard her half screaming, half crying and I rushed to see what was happening,” said the winner. When he crossed the kitchen threshold, the player saw that her tears were ones of joy and excitement. There before him was a blacked-out bingo board, winning the lucky man a $20,000 top prize.

The happy winner said his Lottery luck came at an opportune time; he plans to use his prize to purchase a new car.

His lucky retailer, Geresbeck’s Food Market, will receive a $200 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning instant ticket. The Anne Arundel County business is located at 8489 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena.

This win leaves the Lucky Bingo scratch-off with just a single $20,000 top prize remaining. Players can also hunt for five unclaimed $10,000 prizes along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $2 to $1,000.