La Plata Racetrax Winner Hoping to Get Hitched

For “Ring Master,” of LaPlata, a Racetrax win of $12,534 could end up being a life-changing experience because the next chance he was planning to take was proposing to his girlfriend.

‘Ring Master’ planning to get a ring and propose to his girlfriend

After claiming a Racetrax win of $12,534, “Ring Master” of player from La Plata, was dancing exuberantly while making a claim June 10 at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

From there, he would be pursuing a life-changing prize:  he planned to pick up a ring and propose to his girlfriend.

“I’m going to probably get my girlfriend something nice,” he said, adding, “She’s been harassing me for a ring.”

“Ring Master” and his special lady friend have been together for eight months and his already-big smile widens substantially when he says: “She’s proving to be quite a good woman.”

“Ring Master” has a fondness for Racetrax over other Maryland Lottery games. The attraction is, in part, “believe it or not, it’s the excitement of seeing the electronic horses running around the track. I scream, ‘Run! Forrest! Run!’”

There’s also a social element. He often plays at 7-Eleven #28934 at 6285 Crain Highway in La Plata, where he won on this  play, but also enjoys playing at other locations, mainly choosing based on the social scene. Of the 7-Eleven, he says, “It’s a nice place. The real benefit is playing with friends and the chitchat.”

For his big win, “Ring Master” placed a Superfecta straight bet for $1 each on 20 draws with the numbers 2,7,11 and 4 and “it came up on the first go round.” The $12,534 score proved to be his biggest Racetrax win, though he has hit a half a dozen times previously for substantial amounts in the $600 range.

For selling a winning Racetrax ticket with a prize of $10,000 or more, 7-Eleven #28934 picks up a bonus of 1 percent of the prize amount, or $125.34, from the Lottery.