Lady Luck Rewards Bowie Waiter with $30,000 Tip

Michael Konout - Cash Lines_webFlorida-bound Michael Kohout of Bowie won the $30,000 top prize on the Cash Lines scratch-off.

Loyal player claims top prize on Cash Lines scratch-off

Michael Kohout of Bowie is now a happy man on the move. The Annapolis waiter was worried about managing his upcoming move to Florida until Lady Luck gave him a $30,000 tip for playing the Maryland Lottery’s Cash Lines scratch-off.

His going-away gift from the Lottery arrived one day after Michael finished his shift at an Annapolis restaurant. He stopped at 7-Eleven #11546 in Annapolis to buy treats on his way home. While there, the Prince George’s County resident decided to add a Lottery instant ticket to his purchase.

“I play about once a week and have been lucky with Cash Lines,” the 25-year-old told Lottery officials. “When I scratched it at home I was just stunned. I was sure that I’d done something wrong because there was no way I’d won $30,000.”

Confirmation of his big win came from his girlfriend and another buddy, both of whom studied the $3 ticket at length.

“Once they both agreed that I was reading it correctly I was suddenly very relaxed,” Michael confessed. Some of the costs involved in his move to Florida have caused him worry and stress. “This really takes the pressure off.”

Michael’s lucky Annapolis 7-Eleven is located at 611 Taylor Avenue. He plans on giving the Florida Lottery a try when he gets down there, but they’ll have to go a long way to pass Maryland on his list of favorite lotteries.

Cash Lines has one more $30,000 winning ticket in stores along with one $5,000 and four $1,000 winners. For selling the top-prize ticket, the retailer will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.