Lady Luck Shines on Hyattsville Scratch-off Player

An avid Maryland Lottery player is still in shock from his $100,000 Lady Luck top-prize scratch-off win. Lady Luck herself crossed his path on Saturday, when the fan stopped at the 25 Hour Store in Landover to purchase instant tickets.

The 46-year-old scratched the games off while in the store and revealed a big surprise on the $10 Lady Luck game – a $100,000 win! To confirm his Lottery luck, the excited player scanned the ticket with the store’s ticket checker. The happy Hyattsville man then quickly left the store and headed home.

The Prince George’s County maintenance worker plans to use his prize toward a new house.

His lucky Lottery retailer wins, too! For selling the top-prize instant ticket in the Lady Luck game, the 25 Hour Store at 3316 Dodge Park Road in Landover earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

Lady Luck has two remaining $100,000 top prizes, along with hundreds of thousands of prizes between $10 and $10,000.