Lady Luck Strikes Twice: 2nd Multi-Match Jackpot for $2.85 Million

Prince George’s County player finds winning ticket in Clinton

Luck is even better the second time around, according to our $2.85 million Multi-Match jackpot winner. Her Jan. 18 win was the second one for the 46-year-old Prince George’s County resident and the 6th highest Multi-Match jackpot in the history of the game.

Things began to get interesting the day after the drawing for the Multi-Match regular. A friend called and asked if she had purchased a ticket the night before. When she learned there was a winning jackpot ticket sold in the area, the loyal player pulled out her ticket and began to check its numbers and wonder about the chances of winning again. Coventry Way Exxon in Clinton had sold the lucky ticket.

“I was so grateful for my earlier win,” she said. “You always think about the chance of winning again, but figure it will never happen.”

Amazingly, when the medical caregiver and her friend scanned the ticket using the Maryland Lottery app, the reality of the win stared them right in the face. The cellphone screen displayed a message of congratulations with the $2,850,000 prize in bold.

The winner thinks she owes her unlikely luck to her giving nature. In her professional and personal life, she is attuned to the needs of others and puts other people first. “I’m a giver. It’s just what I do naturally,” she said.

The happy player put her first Multi-Match prize into savings and doing some good for others. She plans to discuss her new prize with a financial planner, saying the jackpot win will allow her to invest in her future.

Also sharing in the Multi-Match excitement is Coventry Way Exxon located at 6441 Coventry Way in Clinton. The lucky Prince George’s County retailer earns a $2,850 bonus from the Lottery for selling a jackpot-winning Multi-Match ticket. Congrats!

Multi-Match is on another roll, with the jackpot set at $525,000 for the Thursday, Jan. 25 drawing. The cash option is $262,500.