Landover Hills Man Scores First Top Prize on Double Play Scratch-Off

Claims $50,000 Win on Orioles Opening Day

Jarvis Lawson - Double PlayThe timing was ironic. As the Oriole’s were stepping up to the plate at Camden Yards, Jarvis Lawson was stepping into the Claims Center at Lottery Headquarters to claim his $50,000 Double-Play scratch-off win. Jarvis is the first player to hit a home run with the baseball-themed ticket, which also features a second-chance contest that partners the Lottery with the Orioles. The contest offers experiential prizes like a trip to see the O’s play at Fenway Park, plus players can also be chosen as the “contestant of the game” and win $1’000 for each double play turned by the Orioles.

Jarvis discovered his windfall a couple of weeks ago after a routine trip to 7-11. The 20-year-old visits the store every day and occasionally purchases scratch-offs. On this particular day, he bought two Double-Play tickets. He took them home, where he proceeded to scratch them and reveal his big win. “I didn’t believe it,” said Jarvis. “I called my uncle right away.” His uncle, who accompanied Jarvis to Lottery Headquarters along with the winner’s grandmother, also had a hard time believing his nephew’s good fortune.  “I took the ticket back to 7-11. They told me it was a winner,” said his uncle, who added, “I usually play Pick 3 and Pick 4. Now, I’m going to start playing scratch-offs.”

Jarvis, who is currently engaged to be married, also phoned his fiancée to share his good news.

Her immediate response was “What are we buying?”  Among his intended purchases are a couple pair of sneakers and maybe a plasma TV. “The whole family’s going on a shopping spree,” said the happy winner.  The winning Double Play ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at 7730 Finns Lane. in Lanham.