Landover Shopper’s Trip Waylaid by Luck, $20,200 Prize

Prince George’s County woman wins top prize on 2020 Cash scratch-off

A search for a recipe led to an inspirational message that foretold a fortunate turn of events for a Landover resident.

The 49-year-old government worker said she was in need of inspiration and gearing up for a grocery trip when she stumbled upon a message that really resonated. That message and the 2020 Cash scratch-off purchase it inspired earned the lucky lady the game’s $20,200 top prize!

The winner recounted the steps that led to her lucky encounter. She was preparing to make a spicy shrimp curry dish and looking for a photo of the recipe on her phone when she saw an inspirational message about the New Year. “When I saw that, I told myself: 2020 is my year,” she explained

The loyal player made a small detour to purchase a Lottery game and see if 2020 was going to be a lucky one. Although she had only planned to play Pick 3, she couldn’t help but notice the glitz and glitter of the Lottery’s new $20 2020 Cash scratch-off. She purchased one scratch-off at the 25 Hour Market in Landover and scratched it in the store, quickly revealing a star symbol. Beneath the symbol was the $20,200 top prize!

Having all of the ingredients to fuel her excitement, the Prince George’s County resident quickly forgot about her shopping trip. “I was jumping up and down in the store and screaming. I never made it to the store for the ingredients,” she said.

The happy woman already has plans for her prize. “After (paying) bills, the rest of this is going in the bank,” said the winner. The funds will also help offset the cost of an upcoming trip to a warmer location than Maryland.

The home of her lucky purchase, 25 Hour Market, is located at 3316 Dodge Park Road in Landover. For selling the top-prize winning scratch-off in the game, the Prince George’s County retailer will receive a $202 bonus from the Lottery.

Plenty of top prizes remain for 2020 Cash players. Of the 212 top prizes the $20 game originally offered, 180 are still in circulation. The New Year-themed ticket debuted in mid-November.