Lanham Resident Quadruples Keno Prize to $40,000

Places 8-spot wager and adds Super Bonus option

A lucky Prince George’s County man last week claimed a $40,000 Keno prize on a ticket he bought in February at a Lanham Lottery retailer.

The winner visited Eastgate Liquors, where he bought his 8-spot ticket and added the Super Bonus multiplier feature. The 63-year-old placed a wager for five drawings using a personal set of numbers — 14, 31, 32, 36, 48, 59, 60 and 72 — that won an initial prize of $10,000. His big win quadrupled to $40,000 because of the Super Bonus multiplier he added to the ticket.

His lucky retailer, Eastgate Liquors, is located at 10505 Greenbelt Road in Lanham. The Prince George’s County retailer earns a $400 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more.

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