Last Diamond 10s Scratch-off in Store Display Hid $100,000 Top Prize

Winner - Poohbear

This Salisbury scratch-off fan nabbed a $100,000 top prize playing a Diamond 10sgame.

When Friday night arrives, people’s thoughts often turn to the weekend ahead. A lucky Maryland Lottery scratch-off player, however, was thinking about the months and years ahead after winning the $100,000 top prize in the Diamond 10s scratch-off game on a recent Friday night.

“I almost had a heart attack,” said the Salisbury woman. “I needed to have the cashier check the ticket to make sure. This is a blessing, it truly is a blessing.”

After a long workweek, “Poohbear” had headed to Thirsty’s, her favorite convenience store in Wicomico County. She was picking up her “weekend essentials” when she spotted the Lottery retailer’s scratch-off display and said, “Why not?”

“Poohbear” plays the same game until she wins on that instant ticket and then will switch to a different scratch-off.  As she finished playing one Diamond 10s scratch-off that night, the lucky lady saw only one more Diamond 10s game remained in the store display. “Poohbear” prayed that this was “The One” and that it carried the $100,000 top prize. She bought the $10 game, scratched off the Prize Check area and scanned the instant ticket at the counter. Her prayers were answered!

Filled with excitement and anxiety, “Poohbear” immediately signed the back of the instant ticket and kept it close until she claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters. “Poohbear” plans to donate some of the winnings to her church and will save the rest for future endeavors.

For selling a top-prize scratch-off of $100,000, Thirsty’s in Salisbury also has reason to celebrate. The store located at 444 Snow Hill Road will earn a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. This game still has plenty of big prizes remaining. Players can look for six more $100,000 top prizes, 14 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others.