Last-Second Decision Brings Good Luck for Baltimore Man

$30,000 Keno Win for Baltimore Man

As he walked into a local convenience store this past Friday, his wife having dropped him off while she ran errands, today’s winner knew exactly what he was going to do: play an 8-spot game of Keno for three consecutive games.  He watched a couple of games as he filled out his card and noticed several numbers repeating.  At the last moment he decided to play an additional game and filled the extra card with those “hot” numbers.  One more unusual feature of this story?  For reasons our winner can’t explain, he chose to include the Bonus – a feature that multiplies Keno winnings for an additional $1.  “I absolutely never play the Bonus,” he told us.

As his game began, the warehouse employee watched his Keno tickets closely.  His attention was drawn, however, to that extra ticket as number after number came out, in the end all eight of them were there.  “I couldn’t believe it.”  He stumbled out of the store in shock.  Luckily, his wife was waiting in the parking lot and corralled him.  They celebrated together and spent the next three days thinking about their good fortune.

“This isn’t life-changing money, but it comes in very handy.  We’re grateful beyond words.”  The couple reported that their Keno winnings will go toward home improvement projects and paying bills.  They found their luck at 8 Days A Week convenience store, 1700 Taylor Avenue in Baltimore.