Late Night Bet Gives Racetrax Win to ‘Lady K’

Elkridge Racetrax player “Lady K” (right) and her mother celebrate her $37,704 win on a Superfecta wager.

Claims $37,704 prize on $1 Superfecta wager

An Elkridge Racetrax fan made a lucky pit stop at Royal Farms late one night, after traveling over the river and through the woods to get home from her mother’s house. She bought a $1 Racetrax quick-pick ticket that won $37,704.

“I was just shocked,” said the lucky lady. “I did not find out I won until the next morning when I saw my mom texted so many times.”

“Lady K” is relatively new to Racetrax. Her mom introduced her to the game and “Lady K” usually picks her own numbers. Something told her when she bought the ticket at the Linthicum Heights store to let the terminal quick pick her numbers. The 35-year-old’s Superfecta bet gave her the number 9, 3, 6 and 11 horses. Because it was so late, “Lady K” went home rather than wait to watch her race take place. She texted information from the ticket to her mother as soon as she arrived home and her mom went online to see if “Lady K” had a winning ticket. She did!

The excited mother couldn’t sleep and texted “Lady K” about her $37,704 prize. However, “Lady K” was already asleep! On Friday morning, when she saw her mom’s text, “Lady K” began jumping up and down with joy.

The two women headed to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore that day to claim the prize. She plans to use some of the winnings toward bills, share some with her mother and “have a little fun” enjoying the rest of her prize.

Joining the winning duo in celebration is Royal Farms #193 at 803 Pinnacle Drive in Anne Arundel County. Because the store sold a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, it earns a $377.04 bonus. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.