Late Night Pizza Run Leads to Lottery Dough

Dorchester woman claims $10,000 top prize on 10x Cash scratch-off

10x CashAwakening hungry from an evening nap, a Dorchester County woman hopped in her car around 11 p.m. on Friday the 13th to pick up a hot pizza for a late night snack. Realizing she forgot to buy a soda, the lucky lady stopped at the Cambridge Gulf station to buy a drink and three Maryland Lottery scratch-offs that wound up putting $10,000 in dough in her pocket.

“Friday the 13th was not a bad day for me,” our winner said on Monday as she collected the top prize on the 10x Cash scratch-off. “I was never superstitious before and I am definitely not now!”

The customer service representative bought three scratch-offs with her soda and took them home to play. She completely forgot about the scratch-offs, though, until around 1 a.m. after finishing her pizza and soda. The two $5 scratch-offs were non-winners, she said, but the $10 ticket left her stunned and wide awake. All 10 rows of her numbers matched the ticket’s winning numbers for the $10,000 win.

The 50-something woman didn’t sleep well that night after signing the scratch-off and putting it on her nightstand. The next morning, she took the ticket to a Lottery-playing friend to verify the win before she went to work.

She plans to keep playing scratch-offs and, her favorite Lottery game, Pick 4. With her winnings, the Eastern Shore woman will pay off bills and put the rest in the bank. Visit her lucky Lottery retailer at 212 Sunburst Highway in Cambridge. There are still 22 10x Cash top prize winners awaiting discovery in Maryland stores.