Laurel Engineer Constructs $10,062 Keno Win

Keno Middleton

Ronald Middleton of Laurel was all smiles after winning $10,062 on a Keno 8 Spot ticket.

8 spot ticket purchased in Suitland delivers big prize

(Baltimore) – Ronald Middleton is riding an impressive lucky streak playing Keno, having just claimed his fourth big prize of 2016. The Maryland Lottery monitor-style game, which is his favorite, just gave the Laurel man a $10,062 prize!

The engineer was stuck in traffic on the afternoon of Aug. 24 when he decided to exit and play Keno at Silver Hill BP Amoco in Suitland. After playing for a while, the 45-year-old bought one more 8 spot ticket, paying $20 for 20 draws. All eight numbers hit, giving him a $10,000 prize. He also had three other winning draws on the ticket, which added $62 to the big prize.

“I wish I had played the Bonus,” Ronald said. “On the ticket I had before I had the Bonus, but I didn’t get it on this one. I’d have won more.”

He’s won plenty on Keno in the last few months. In April, the Prince George’s County resident had a $5,000 winning ticket and another $900 win on the same day. The next day, he got lucky again and won $1,000. Despite his repeated success, Ronald said there is nothing special about the numbers he plays.

“I just grabbed them out of the air,” he said. The loyal player loves Keno because “you can find out if you won in 2 minutes.”

His luck with the game began six years ago, although he very nearly missed out on his first big Keno prize. Ronald recalled that the first time he purchased a Keno ticket, he threw it in the trash because he didn’t think he’d won anything. However, he kept thinking about how the game worked and a few minutes later dug the discarded ticket out of the garbage can. It’s a good thing he did – it was worth $1,000.

His most recent prize may go toward an overseas vacation; Ronald is interested in visiting Dubai. He also said he may buy new furniture. The Prince George’s County retailer is a winner as well. For selling a winning Keno ticket worth at least $10,000, Silver Hill BP Amoco located at 3600 St. Barnabas Road will receive a bonus of $100.62 – equal to 1 percent of the prize value.