Laurel Man’s Thirst Leads To A Well Of Cash

Wins $2.5 Million Multi-Match prize

A Laurel businessman was feeling very thirsty at about ten o’clock last Thursday morning, when he decided to stop at the 7-11 to get a bottle of his favorite ice tea.  While in the store, he noticed a Multi-Match sign and thought, “I really should get a ticket while I’m here.” Heeding his intuition, he bought several Quick Picks for the next Multi-Match drawing and headed off to work.

While sitting at his computer about 11 am the next day, he went on line to check the Lottery’s website for the winning Multi-Match numbers. At first glance he thought he might have a few matches.  As he began checking one number at a time, he suddenly felt nervous.  “I thought my eyes where playing tricks on me,” the lucky winner said. “I called my wife into the room to confirm that my vision was not failing me.”  Upon realizing the ticket correctly matched all six numbers, his happy spouse said she was, “Overwhelmed with joy.” The happy pair called their son and daughter to share the good news.

With hopes of creating job opportunities, the winner intends to use his windfall to invest in his business. The winning ticket was sold at 7-11, located at 6034 Baltimore Ave. in Hyattsville.