Laurel Woman Excited to Set Sail

Wins Seven-Night Cruise Vacation for Two on Cruise for Cash Scratch-off

It’s been six months since Alana Frett discovered her Cruise for Cash win, but that didn’t diminish her excitement when she arrived at Lottery Headquarters. The elated 37-year-old received her Cruise for Cash ticket from her mom back in March shortly after having returned from a trip to St. Thomas.

“I wasn’t sure I’d won,” said Alana. “I showed it to my mother and she verified it beyond a doubt. Now I get to go on another vacation. This is the best.” Alana, who recently started her own accounting business, told Lottery officials, “With my new business venture, anything I don’t have to pay for right now is a big bonus.”

Since discovering her good fortune nearly six months ago, Alana kept the winning ticket her desk lock box and checked on it each week. The happy cruise winner is still uncertain about who will accompany her on her trip. “I’d take my mom, but she isn’t a big boat person,” said Alana with a chuckle.

The winning ticket was purchased at Hyattsville Convenience Store, located at 2230 University Blvd. E. in Hyattsville.