Law Enforcement Retiree in Hot Pursuit of Powerball Jackpot

Surprised with $10,000 prize from Jan. 24 drawing

The retired law enforcement officer who happily claimed a $10,000 Powerball prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters had a confession to make. The Baltimore resident, who had a right to remain silent, went ahead and confessed that she is still in hot pursuit of the game’s jackpot that rolled past the $300-million mark in February.

“If I win, I will help so many people,” the city resident said before heading back to work at her post-retirement job. The 61-year-old has already bought tickets for the next drawing and is hoping for a quick return to the Lottery Winner’s Lounge to claim the big Powerball jackpot.

For now, she is grateful for her $10,000 Powerball win. “This is a blessing,” she said. Her Lottery luck hit at the Save More store at 4200 Wabash Avenue in Baltimore, where she bought one quick-pick ticket for the Jan. 24 Powerball drawing. The loyal player put her ticket on her dresser and didn’t check them until this week. At first, she doubted what she was seeing on the store ticket checker.

“It said, ‘Cash at Lottery.’ I thought the machine was broken,” she said. A clerk verified that it was a large win so she signed the back of the ticket and checked her numbers online when she got to work that day. She and a friend came to Lottery headquarters to claim her prize the very next day. Our winner plans to put the funds toward vacations she had already booked this year.