Lawn Care Businessman Rakes in $50,000 Lottery Win

Upper Marlboro man claims top prize on Get Lucky scratch-off

An Upper Marlboro man was feeling downright lucky. The lawn care business owner was so confident about raking in a big Maryland Lottery win that he predicted it at the retail location that did, days later, sell him a $50,000 winning Get Lucky scratch-off.

“I definitely saw this coming,” the winner said. “I told the manager of a Lottery store near one of my work sites that I’d be next to hit it big.”

Days later, the 49-year-old stopped in again at the Bowie Exxon for a scratch-off and bought a $5 Get Lucky ticket. He scratched the ticket off in his car while he waited to pick up a carryout order.

“I saw that I’d matched two symbols and, before I scratched the prize symbol, said a little prayer,” the married man said. When he revealed the $50,000 prize, the Prince George’s County resident was overjoyed. He kept his win a secret until he could return to the store at 1500 North Crain Highway to have the manager confirm the win. Only then did he share the news with his family.

The man and his wife plan to pay bills with the $50,000 prize and set some money aside for a down payment on a future home. He is the first to win the top prize on the $5 scratch-off, which launched in August. Five more $50,000 top-tier tickets and nine $5,000 second-tier tickets are waiting for buyers at Maryland retailers. For selling this winning ticket, the Bowie Exxon in Prince George’s County receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

Will our winner keep playing Lottery games? Absolutely!

“This is a blessing, one that I somehow knew was on the way,” he said. “If I get that feeling again, you can bet that I’ll be picking up a ticket.”