Lexington Park Woman Resumes Play Just in Time for $50K Prize

Wins Bonus Match 5 top prize during special promotion

Just last month, a St. Mary’s county woman decided to take a break from Bonus Match 5.  That all changed with the start of the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 taxes-paid promotion, which prompted her to start playing again.

“I decided to play the same fortune cookie numbers that I used to play,” she told Lottery officials. “I knew those numbers would be lucky.” Although the 55-year-old has won before, this is her biggest win yet.  “This is a miracle!”

The lucky lady, who works in the childcare industry, discovered her win after receiving a text message with the winning numbers on Saturday.  Lottery players can sign up for text alerts with winning Lottery numbers here.

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With her prize, the winner plans to pay bills, help her family and take a vacation. Through July 8, the Maryland Lottery will pay the estimated taxes on all Bonus Match 5 top prizes. During that time, players also have the chance to double their winnings.  Randomly, Bonus Match 5 tickets will have the word “Doubler” across the top of the ticket.  If that ticket is a winner, the prize will automatically be doubled.

The winning ticket was purchased at 2000 Liquors, located at 21800 N Shangrila Dr. in Lexington Park.