Library Worker Adds Winning Chapter to Jackpot Saga

A retired library employee with million-dollar visions in his head and Mega Millions and Powerball tickets in his pocket just added a new chapter to his jackpot-chase saga. The Montgomery County resident won $100,000 in the Oct. 24 Powerball drawing.

In recent weeks, many Americans became jackpot hunters as Mega Millions surpassed the $1 billion mark and Powerball edged close before being hit. Buying these tickets is routine for the 66-year-old Silver Spring man.

“These are the only games I play, and I play them every week,” said the father of three. “Each game, twice a week, every week.”

A particularly busy stretch kept the loyal player from checking his winning Powerball ticket for a week after the drawing. He had added the Power Play multiplier to his quick-pick ticket and realized the drawing’s 2x multiplier doubled his prize. The lucky player was one of three in Maryland to win the third-tier prize in the drawing and the only one to add the Power Play multiplier.

“I stayed calm when I saw the matching numbers,” he said. “I checked them again and again, maybe 10 times. I even used a magnifying glass to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.”

This $100,000’s worth of Powerball luck found our winner at Giant #336 at 2900 University Boulevard in Wheaton. He had no plans for his winnings but hinted that his family will enjoy it with him.