Lifelong Dundalk Resident Claims $1 Million Prize

Claims second-tier Powerball prize

A 68-year-old Dundalk man followed his regular routine this past Sunday morning, heading to the local Giant store to purchase his Lottery tickets for the upcoming week. While there, he checked his tickets from last week, including a Powerball ticket from Saturday night’s drawing. While scanning that ticket, a message came across the screen that the ticket needed to be claimed at Lottery headquarters.

“I immediately asked the cashier what that meant,” the retiree told Lottery officials. “She told me that she didn’t know how much I won, but it was probably pretty big.”

He then called his friend and asked her to find out how much his ticket was worth. He was in shock when he found out it was a $1 million win. The lucky winner, who plays the same numbers for every drawing, says he will continue playing. As of now, the new millionaire plans to put the money in the bank.

The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #363, located at 1400 Merritt Blvd. in Dundalk. Another second-tier $1 million ticket from that same drawing remains unclaimed. The unclaimed ticket was purchased at Thunderhead Bowl and Grill in Taneytown. That winner has 182 to days to claim the prize.