Local DJ Scratches His Way to $50,000

Local DJ, Kenny Der from Baldwin, celebrates his $50,000 Double Play win.

Early this morning at Lottery Headquarters, Kenny Der came in to claim his $50,000 Double Play top prize. The local Disc Jockey was waiting for a seat at the barbershop when he decided to take a walk to pass the time. That’s when he stopped at a Lottery retailer and purchased four scratch-offs. Before scratching the tickets, he asked the store clerk for a lucky coin and was handed a penny. Kenny began to think the coin wasn’t so lucky after scratching his first three tickets without revealing any winners.  His opinion of the coin changed drastically when he saw how much he won on the fourth ticket. “As I was scratching I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” the overjoyed winner exclaimed. He immediately checked with the clerk to confirm his $50,000 win.

Along with his new lucky penny, Kenny also found a new lucky number.  He now believes that 29 is his new lucky number, considering that he won his top prize on July 29th, his birthday is March 29th and the winning number on his ticket was 29.

With his winnings, the 45-year-old would like to take his first cruise.  He would also like to take his close friends and family out to dinner.

The winning ticket was purchased at Harford Quick Mart, located at 654 Baltimore Pike in Bel Air.