Local Store Key to Retiree’s $57,777 Discovery

Lottery treasure discovered on Deale resident’s $5 scratch-off.

An Anne Arundel county retiree managed to uncover a sizable treasure hidden in Deale last week. According to the 70-year-old winner, she and her husband found their fortune in the form of a winning Lucky 7’sTripler scratch-off, purchased while picking up tickets for the Lottery’s evening drawings. The $5 scratch-off was a top-prize winner, awarding a $57,777 prize.

It all began when the lucky couple, calling themselves the ‘Deale Duo’ found themselves at Captain Kidd’s, a Deale liquor store popular with locals. They explained that their trip to the store for Lottery tickets comes as a nice break from their precautionary COVID-19 isolation, and gives them a chance to catch up on local happenings.

“These trips used to occur more frequently, but we get up to the store at least once a week to get some tickets,” said the winner. “You can catch almost everyone in there, from your postman to your plumber,” she added.

Last Friday, the ‘Deale Duo’ picked up a pair of the popular Lucky 7s Tripler scratch-offs and scratched them in the parking lot before heading home. When a shamrock symbol appeared on their ticket along with a $57,777 prize, they dashed back into the store to confirm their luck and share the news.

“Everyone was so excited for us,” said the winner.

The ‘Duo’ said that the win is a bit of sunshine in what has been a very tough year for them and the community. The couple, who had been planning a kitchen remodel, say a portion of the prize will help pay for the renovations. They also plan to share a portion with their family and the local food bank.

The $5 Lucky 7s Tripler is part of the Lucky family of games, which launched in May. The tickets are covered in shamrocks, and offer fun at price points from $1 to $10, with top-prizes from $777 to $1 million. With this win, the Lucky 7s Tripler has four remaining $57,777 prizes.

The winning ticket was purchased at Captain Kidd’s located at 5823 Deale-Churchton Road. For selling the top-prize winning ticket, the lucky retailer will receive a bonus of $577.77.

Lottery officials recommend that winners sign the back of winning tickets and keep them in a safe place until claiming the prize. Winners typically get 182 days from the date of the drawing to claim prizes. However, the Lottery has temporarily extended claiming deadlines due to Maryland’s COVID-19 state of emergency.

Winners can claim the prize by mail or in person by appointment at the Lottery Customer Resource Center. Get details on how to claim by mail here or schedule an appointment here.