Long Distance Win for Anne Arundel Couple

$50,000 Pick 3 Bonus Prize Claimed


Pick 3 Triple PlayA cross-country phone call brought a Crownsville woman to the Lottery’s claim center yesterday to pick-up a prize that Lottery officials were beginning to fear would go unclaimed.  Gloria Cunningham of Crownsville, doing the legwork for her husband in Seattle on a business trip, erased those concerns with a small slip of paper – a Pick 3 bonus coupon – good for $50,000.

Gloria’s husband plays Lottery games frequently, she explained, and wins frequently.  In fact, he plays so often that a Lottery retailer with whom he’s formed a friendship called him to alert him that his shop had sold a big winner three weeks earlier that had not yet been claimed.  That thoughtful gesture spurred the call home.  According to Gloria, “My husband calls me all the time when he’s away.  It’s usually unimportant, everyday things – nothing like this.”

He asked that she go through his accumulated bonus coupons to check for a match.  It wasn’t long before Gloria found it.  There was yelling on both ends of the line, 3,000 miles apart.  There will be another celebration when the family is reunited and you can bet they’ll include the folks from Luckys Suprette, 1101 Odenton Rd. in Odenton.

From May 17th though June 20th, players who purchased Pick 3 tickets randomly received bonus coupons.  If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player won $100.  If they didn’t match, the coupon number was automatically entered into a weekly drawing.  For the first four weeks of the promotion, weekly prizes ranged from $10,000 to $50,000.  During the final week of the promotion, prizes ranged from $50,000 to $250,000.

Prizes remain unclaimed from this promotion. Winning coupon numbers can be found by clicking here.  Winners have 60 days from the draw date on the coupon to claim their prizes.  Players must present their coupons at the time of claiming.