Longing for Lucky Charms Leads to $10,000 Lottery Prize

Justin Kuhl - 10x Cash_webJustin Kuhl of Pasadena finds good luck with his purchase of Lucky Charms cereal and a $10,000 top-prize winning 10x Cash scratch-off.

Pasadena man buys favorite cereal plus 10x Cash scratch-off

A late night snack attack turned into big bucks for a 21-year-old Pasadena man, who found a lucky 10x Cash Maryland Lottery scratch-off while buying a box of Lucky Charms cereal.

Justin Kuhl was at his uncle’s house watching the UFC fight with family when he spotted a box of Lucky Charms. He remembers thinking, “I could go for a bowl of those.”

After the fight, Justin was still craving Lucky Charms when he picked up his girlfriend Molli from a friend’s house. The couple stopped at 7-Eleven #32311 located at 2800 Mountain Road in Pasadena to buy a taquito and the “magically delicious” cereal. With the $10 change from his purchase, Justin bought one 10X Cash scratch-off and placed it in his pocket.

They headed to Molli’s house and Justin, with his Lucky Charms on his mind, forgot all about the scratch-off. It wasn’t until the next day that he remembered to scratch the $10 instant ticket.

“I play 10x Cash all the time and knew something was different when I saw the 10x symbol,” he said. “I never saw that before.”

He continued to scratch the ticket, revealing a $1,000 prize. Multiply that by 10 and Justin had a $10,000 top-prize winner! Shaking like a leaf, he showed the ticket to Molli and she confirmed his win! Filled with excitement, he hurried back home to share his good news with his snoozing parents. He woke them up, shouting, “Never say people don’t win, because I just won $10,000!”

Both Molli and Justin’s mother, Kelly, accompanied him to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. “He is my lucky son,” said Kelly. “He is always winning a little here and there.”

His winning ways have inspired his friends, as well. “All of our friends are buying scratch-offs now,” said Molli, smiling.

Justin is an electronics manufacturer for Northrop Grumman and was already saving money to buy a house. Most of his prize will go into the house fund but he’ll splurge on some small items, he said.

The popular 10x Cash scratch-off still has many prizes still available, including more than 45 $10,000 top prizes and 27 $1,000 prizes.