Longshot Bet Wins Big for Racetrax Fan

Crownsville’s Matthew Tobin is still celebrating his recent discovery that he won $67,640 last month playing Racetrax.

Crownsville welder claims $67,640 prize   

Matthew Tobin of Crownsville, a welder by day and Racetrax player by night, had his biggest day ever at the virtual track three weeks ago but didn’t realize it until last weekend. The 41-year-old dad plays a few races on the way home from work every day, but waits for the end of the month to check the results. Lucky Matthew had a very good February!

“I stay and watch the races with my friends once in a while,” he told Maryland Lottery officials after claiming his prize. “Usually I just buy my tickets and head home.” Whether staying or going, one thing is consistent in his Racetrax play — longshots. “I always play a longshot in my combination. I figure that if I eventually win, why not try to win big?”

Matthew’s visit to Glen Burnie Mobil on March 3 produced a lot of yelling – the good kind!  Finding a winning ticket worth more than $67,000 in one’s pocket will do that to a guy. The Anne Arundel County man placed a 20-draw Superfecta wager on Feb. 9 at that Lottery retailer, betting that horses 11, 6, 9 and 4 would finish in that exact order and they did!

“I couldn’t believe my ears when the cashier told me how much I’d won. It was exciting,” he said. “I started celebrating pretty loudly, just going crazy. The employees there joined right in, they’re real friendly people.”

Paying bills, planning a vacation and saving for his daughter’s future top Matthew’s list of plans for his winnings. He intends to continue playing Racetrax at his lucky retailer, which is located at 7200 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. The Mobil station earns a bonus of $676 for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.