Lottery Birthday Gift Sends Lexington Park Man to Alaska

$7,777 Scratch-Off Win

Thomas Lee - Ruby Red 7'sThomas Lee of Lexington Park really enjoys Maryland Lottery instant tickets. While he’s played many different games over the years, Ruby Red 7’s has recently become his favorite. Why?  First, because this ticket was given to him by his daughters as a birthday gift, and then because it turned out to be a top-prize winner

“I didn’t scratch the ticket right away,” said Thomas, a builder of helicopter flight simulators for the military.  “With all the excitement of my daughters’ visit and the party I didn’t get a chance.”  The brand-new 65-year-old finally found some time to play a few days later, after his family had gone home and the house had quieted down.  “I didn’t really believe my eyes.  I studied the entire ticket, sure that it was a joke.”

A call to his daughters to share the news was met with disbelief, “They were even more surprised than I was.”  Thomas made a second call to his fishing buddy.  “We’d talked about a fishing trip to Alaska – this money is going to make it happen.”

The Ruby Red 7’s birthday gift was purchased at the Rod N’ Reel, 18161 Notch Rd. in Lexington Park.